This series of works on acetate explores the representation of women in art as both the artist and the subject. It asks the viewer to reflect upon whose gaze do they look through when viewing? Their own, the artists or the subject? The women in this series are powerful and bold eschewing your gaze. The paintbrush represents the women painting themselves how they want to be seen, taking control of themselves and their own image. The final images are the women breaking beyond the frame refusing to be captured by your gaze.

Beyond the Bedroom 2020

For this series I am motivated by past ephemera, psychedelic art, and the scopophilic projection of women in culture throughout the ages. This series focuses on the fetishization of women in popular culture, and in particular pornography. The subjects from this series are all taken from 1970s Playboy magazines. Feminism in the 70’s largely retained the patriarchal attitudes of previous generations, Robert Crumb aptly stated “Free love meant free sex and food for men. Sure, women enjoyed it too, and had a lot of sex, but then they served the men.” This is clearly depicted within the pages of 70’s girlie magazines where women are served up for consumption!
My process involves drawing the female figure from the magazine and then situating her within suggestive patterns and icons. The icons or motifs are not suggestive when isolated from the female figure however the juxtaposition with the female nude shifts their meaning. I am interested in how society has imbued these motifs with symbolic meaning in this context.  Next, I transfer the image to acetate using a permanent pen and paint the reverse side (working backwards) with gouache. A second piece of acetate is painted with gouache to create the background. Finally I place the two layers together, the top layer in reverse to create a flat glossy appearance like the pages of a magazine and the bottom with the rougher matte paint strokes faced upwards. This was my first time using acetate and these works were progress works for my midway show.

ART WORKS 2016-2019


Welcome to my world. I am a visual artist, illustrator and creative living and working in Melbourne. I am currently in the process of updating and renewing my website so at current I have just a sample of my works on display!

I have exhibited in solo and joint exhibitions around Melbourne. My work has won awards and been produced onto various merchandise.

I established and ran a successful Art Workshop business catering for preschoolers to adults with a focus on art for mindfulness and wellbeing. I was also a Creative Director for Jellybean Street an international company transforming workshop participants art into fine art for online sale to raise money for children’s charities.

I previously sold my work online through Saatchi Art and Redbubble as well as through Colour Space Gallery and directly from my website. I am currently curating my older works and creating new pieces which will be available for purchase soon via my website, Saatchi Art and Redbubble. So watch this space.

My work is inspired by kitsch and colour and often takes the view point of the innocent child trying to make sense of the dark undertones that surround their world.