Painting a Philosophy of Misogyny November 2020

Inspiration for my work comes from questioning misogyny in western philosophical tradition. The collective title of these works ties together the individual pieces, each named after an influential western philosopher and their viewpoint on women.

For this series I use new and traditional mediums in a unique way. Gouache and ink on transparent acetate and Yupo are used which allow for hybrid layers which combine to create the finished work. The base layer on Yupo utilises inks and the process is largely uncontrolled representing the living cells of my subjects evoked in the moment. The animal nature of woman that needed to be contained. Often my work includes a semi controlled layer of flowers printed directly onto the surface their residue a fleeting memory of nature representing women’s discursively constructed ‘lack of reason and moral ability’ and questioning the hierarchal distinction between masculinity and art and femininity and craft. The final figurative layer is a painstaking process working in reverse to create a mirror image of the subject.


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